Maine Medical Marijuana Card Laws
June 17, 2016

Maine Medical Marijuana Card
Maine Medical Marijuana law established the Maine Patient Registry, a voluntary registry identification program. In addition, out of state medical marijuana register cards, are accepted in Maine.
* The Maine Marijuana Registry is voluntary.

“In addition to either a registry ID card or a physician certification form, all patients, including both non-registered and voluntarily registered patients, must also present their Maine driver license or other Maine-issued photo identification card to law enforcement, upon request.” Program Bulletin, [Accessed September 28, 2011]
* Out of State’s registry cards are accepted in Maine.

“Law enforcement will accept appropriate authorization from a participating state, but that patient cannot purchase marijuana in Maine without registering here. That requires a Maine physician and a Maine driver license or other picture ID issued by the state of Maine. The letter from a physician in another state is only good for 30 days.” Maine’s Division of Licensing and Regulatory Stories — Email received August 19, 2010.

The Maine Patient Registry fee is $0 for patients. For caregivers however, the fee is $300 per patient, with a limit of five patients — however, if the caregiver is not growing, the fee is waived.


    1. If you choose to register, the application form must be completed and signed by the patient or the patient’s parent or legal guardian.
    2. The physician certification form must be completed by a physician who has a bona fide patient-physician relationship with the patient.
    3. The physician will give the patient a signed and dated original certification form, printed on tamper resistant paper.
    4. The physician shall determine the expiration date of the certification. The physician can use a period of 12 months or less, based upon his or her professional judgment.
    5. Patients must attach a copy of their Maine driver’s license to the application. If the patient has no driver’s license, another Maine-issued photo identification card will be accepted. * Note: No photo identification card is required for a hospice patient or a nursing home resident.
    6. The Maine Patient Registry fee is $0 — Maine Medical Marijuana Program Application Form — patients who voluntarily register with the Department, MUST attach a copy of their physician certification form to their application for a registry identification card.
    7. For caregivers, the fee is $300 per patient, with a limit of five patients — if the caregiver is not growing, the fee is waived.
    8. If the patient is a minor, or an adult with a court-appointed guardian or a durable power of attorney, Section 2 — MMMP Application Form, must be completed. A copy of guardianship or durable powers of attorney must be attached to the application.
  • Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP)
    Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services
    Department of Health and Human Services

ATTN: Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program
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